Still Deciding on a Degree?

At McMurry University if you are undecided on which degree program you would like to pursue you can now take online courses that will count towards a degree. Our online program is transfer-friendly, convenient and affordable.

The general education courses and elective options are available for those students who have still not chosen a degree plan.

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McMurry Online Degrees Philosophy

We think McMurry is a special place, and we welcome you to our academic community. 

The online program builds on McMurry’s core values to create an online learning culture that promotes:

  • Critical thinking, scientific inquiry and academic dialogue based on foundational principles from Christian faith
  • Personal relationships that enable students and faculty to enjoy, challenge, and grow with peers in an academic community
  • A mindset that values lifelong learning
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to achieve excellence in personal and professional environments
  • A willingness to measure success through leadership and service to others in academic, career, civic, family, and faith communities

McMurry University Online Programs will:

  • Provide an education focused on developing the knowledge, skills and values that prepare you for a successful career
  • Help develop skills in communication, problem solving, data analysis, and collaboration to enhance performance and leadership
  • Provide a general education core that exposes you to a variety of disciplines and the connections between those disciplines

You will find our online “campus” a welcoming and challenging where you can learn, meet new people, make connections, and achieve your goal of obtaining an undergraduate degree.