Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come to campus for classes?

As an online student you will not have to come to campus for courses, labs or exams. All required courses needed to complete this degree can be obtained online through McMurry. Students who have not completed the general education requirements can also take them locally and transfer them back to McMurry upon review.

When do courses begin and end?

Courses are offered in 8 week long terms and most students take two courses each term.

Do I have to have a 2-year degree to be eligible for the B.B.A.? What is required?

You do not need a 2-year degree to transfer into the McMurry University B.B.A. degree program. To be eligible you:

  • must be “post-traditional” (age 24+)
  • must be a new student to McMurry OR meet the McMurry University Online Programs re-admit policy;
    • Applicants who lack previous college credit will be evaluated using McMurry’s current first-year admission standards
    • Transfer students must have earned a transfer cumulative GPA of 2.0 on previous college-level work.
    • Re-admit for McMurry Online Degrees only: Students seeking readmission to McMurry and the Online Programs must not have been enrolled at McMurry for a minimum of two long semesters.

What do I need to send the McMurry Online Degree program office to determine my eligibility?

To process an unofficial evaluation, we will need to review copies of all college (unofficial) transcripts. If applicable, we will also need to review any/all military transcripts. For veterans, military transcripts can be accessed electronically. Please include your request for an evaluation with your name, home mailing address, phone numbers and email for correspondence. Copies of documents can be sent to us through email or fax. Once all documents are received we will contact, we will contact you in preparation for reviewing them.