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Program Format:

New students are accepted into the Cybersecurity program every eight weeks. Each term is divided into seven-weeks of instruction followed by a rest week. Students seeking full-time status will take two or more classes each term. Students who enroll full-time for all six sub-terms may earn 36 or more hours of credit toward their degree each academic year.

The BS in Cybersecurity requires completing general education credits, elective credits and more focused credits in Cybersecurity.

Transfer credit:

There are multiple ways to transfer credit to McMurry University. Courses eligible for transfer credit are those courses generally considered to be academic in nature; taken for college credit (not remedial or taken specifically for athletic participation) with a grade of at least C; and from a regionally accredited institution. Course credit can also be awarded through examination, such as CLEP or departmental examinations.

Your academic advisor will be able to review the results of your transcript evaluation with you.

Cybersecurity Core Credit Hours

CYBR 1310 Introduction to Computers
CYBR 1320 IT Systems Components
CYBR 1330 Introduction to Programming
CYBR 2310 Database Management Systems
CYBR 2320 Networking
CYBR 2340 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CYBR 3310 Operating System Administration
CYBR 3320 Cybersecurity Prevention and Protection
CYBR 3330 Cybersecurity Operations
CYBR 3340 Vulnerability Analysis
CYBR 3350 Security Program Management
CYBR 3360 Cloud Computing
CYBR 4310 Policy, Legal, Ethics and Compliance
CYBR 4320 Cyber Threats
CYBR 4360 Capstone in Cybersecurity
CYBR 4388 Internship in Cybersecurity



General Education Credit Hours

These credits include courses in Math, English, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Communication. Your advisor will assist with your degree planning and selection of general core courses.

Total Hours to Earn a Degree


Final acceptance of transfer courses, course equivalency, and credits awarded toward a degree at McMurry is subject to the approval of the Registrar.

Language requirement: 

Students who graduated from high school without two years of study in a single foreign language may be required to take 8 hours of a single foreign language. Students who graduated prior to 2006 are exempted from this requirement.