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Program Format:

New students are accepted into the General Business BBA Program every 8 weeks. Each semester is divided into two seven-week terms. Students seeking full-time status will take two classes each term for a total of four classes a semester. Students who enroll full time  for all 6 subterms  may earn up to 36 hours of credit toward their degree each academic year.

Transfer credit:

There are multiple ways to transfer credit to McMurry University. Courses eligible for transfer credit are those courses generally considered to be academic in nature; taken for college credit (not remedial or taken specifically for athletic participation) with a grade of at least C; and from a regionally accredited institution. Course credit can also be awarded through examination, such as CLEP or departmental examinations.

Your academic advisor will be able to review the results of your transcript evaluation with you.

Business Core Credit Hours

BUSI 1310 Contemporary Business
COIS 1315 Computer Fluency
COIS 3380 Management Information Systems
ECON 2310 Principles of Macroeconomics (meets gen ed requirement)
ECON 2320 Principles of Microeconomics
ACCT 2310 Financial Accounting
ACCT 3305 Managerial Accounting or
ACCT 3370  Intro to Taxation
BUSI 3370 Business Statistics
MGMT 3310 Principles of Management
MKTG 3370 Principles of Marketing
FINC 3340 Business Finance
BUSI 4370 Business Law
BUSI 4384 Ethics in Business and Society
BUSI 4390 Strategic Management

Upper Level Elective Credit Hours

ACCT 3370 Intro to Taxation or
ACCT 3305 Managerial Accounting
BUSI 3350 Entrepreneurship
FINC 3350 Money and Banking
MGMT 3380 Organizational Behavior
FINC 3330 Personal Finance
MKTG 3380 Marketing Promotions Other advanced business courses as available (3000-4000 level)

Total Hours in Major


General Education Credit Hours

ARTS 1300 Exploring the Visual Arts or FNAR 2310 Survey of Fine Arts MATH 1311 College Algebra COMM2330 Business and Professional Communication
BIOL 1401 Principles of Biology HFIT 1200 Fitness for Living Modified RELI 2350 Religions of the World
RELI 1310 Intro to Christianity COSC1322 Intro to Computer Science/Info Tech ECON2310 Macroeconomics or ECON 2320 Microeconomics (listed in business core)
ENGL 1310 English Composition and Rhetoric PSYC 1340 General Psychology SRLD1300 Introduction to Ethics
ENGL 1320 English Composition and Literature    

Additional Elective Credit Hours


An additional 12 elective hours will be needed to reach the necessary 120 hours for graduation. The number of elective hours varies depending on foreign language hours needed and transfer courses.

Supporting Course: ACAD 1199 Orientation to Online Learning 0

Total Hours to Earn a Degree


Final acceptance of transfer courses, course equivalency, and credits awarded toward a degree at McMurry is subject to the approval of the Registrar.

Language requirement: 

Students who graduated from high school without two years of study in a single foreign language may be required to take 8 hours of a single foreign language. Students who graduated prior to 2006 are exempted from this requirement.